About the center

About the center:

Justice ministry training center of Georgia (hereinafter - the Training Center) is an operational public legal entity in the management field of Georgian justice ministry. It operates according to the training center regulations of Georgian justice ministry. At the same time the training center operates according to the justice ministry training center regulations, Georgian law and labor standards.

The training center is accountable to the Minister of Justice and performs tasks imposed by justice minister and curator, the Deputy of Minister and Mr. Mikheil Sarjveladze.

Training center

* The training center serves to rise legal awareness in Georgia, it also wants to improve organizational management and service field

*It functions since the seventies of the 20th century

*we offer you juridical and social directions trainings based on the necessity research for public and private organizations.

*It is certified organization according to the standard of ISO 9001:2008

*it carries out activity according to the certified program abroad

*it ensures that the trainings will be conducted by highly qualified international specialists

*It unites Tbilisi and Kvareli training centers


Tbilisi Justice Ministry training center is located in the building equipped with the newest technologies according to the international standards. In the center functions:

  • 5 lecture-halls for trainings
  • 3 lecture halls for writing tests
  • 2 conference halls in which interested organizations can plan and hold desired events

Well-equipped and comfortable rooms for trainings, conference and business meetings function on the base of training center.

Functional purpose of the room

Number of participants

Nine rooms for trainings and business meetings

Room N1 – for 10-15 participants

 Room N2-for 20-25 participants

Room N3-for 10-20 participants

Room N4-for 15-20 participants

Room for meetings –for 2-15 participants

A conference hall

Room N1, Room N 2-for 30-45 participants

Computer room

Room N 1-for 1-23 participants

Room N2-for 1-25participants

Room N3-for 1-25 participants


There are comfortable waiting spaces in Tbilisi and Kvareli where a person can relax and wait.