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The project "Strengthening Civil Society"

The Training Center of Justice of Georgia from July 1 to September 30 in  33 villages of Georgia is starting to conduct free training.

 The training will be conducted in public centers and will focus on:

    1. Justice and Human Rights

    2. Constitutional bodies and local self-government system

    3. Basic concepts of Property rights, corporate and tax law

    4. What is the EU?

    5. What is discrimination?

    6. Effective communication Conflict Management

    7. Time management

    8. Project Management

    9. Writing Project.


Anyone can participate in the project, who will be registered from June 18 to July 1 and will meet the following requirements:

  • Is from the village, where the center is located, nearby rural residents will have the opportunity to attend the training;
  • Is from18 to 65 years old;
  • wants to get information about their civic rights and responsibilities;
  • is interested in the development of social skills;


Registration can be done in two ways:

  1. Filling up the registration form in the rural community centers;
  2. The registration form on the website:;

The training will be conducted in the following areas:

1. Shashiani

2. Sartichala

3. Gomi

4. Ruisi

5. Chaladidi

6. Khevi

7. Manglisi

8. Koda

9. Phoka

10. Nigoiti village

11. Jvari

12. Shorapani

13. Kvareltskali

14. Mukhaestate

15. geguti

16 Mejvriskhevi

17. Kachreti

18. khidistavi

19. Nukriani

20. Korbouli

21. Ghoresha

22. Kazreti

23. Shilda

24. Orsantia

25. kvemonatanebi

26. Kabali

27. dabalentekhi

28. dabachakvi

29. Khreiti

30. Sadaxlo

31. Rukhi

32. Didijikhaishi

33. Martkopi

The project aims: through the availability of  training and development programs strengthening of civil society, and to enhance legal Awareness of the population living in rural areas, as well as promotion of personal development.