Georgia justice ministry training center history starts from the seventies of the twentieth century.

Permanent republican courses were created on December 1, 1972 for upgrading justice workers qualification. During a year 500 probationers were upgrading their qualification (besides prosecutor’s collaborator and Supreme Court judge). The courses were taught in Georgian language in the form of asking and answering. 15-20 listeners were in each group. After finishing the course examination board was having an interview with listeners and a special confirming document that they took the course was given to them.

Permanent courses were located in the building of Georgia justice ministry, in particular, in Tbilisi, Nato Vachnadze Street N 9 they were located on the second floor of the building. The listeners who came from regions to attend permanent republican courses to upgrade their qualification were given a hostel including 9 rooms. There were also lecture-halls, bedrooms, a dining-room and a library in the hostel. They didn’t lose their official position and salaries. The courses were completely financed by the state.

Basically legal field professors were invited but also lawyers were invited to deliver a lecture. Appropriate compensation was given to the professors and the lawyers.

In 1990 because of the historical developments activity of permanent courses about upgrading qualification was temporarily delayed.

Since 1995 together with justice ministry in order to upgrade justice workers qualification functioning of training courses has entered active phase.

Since 2000 the training center has continued training function of republican courses having public legal entity status.

Legal basis of the training center became order of Georgia justice ministry N50 of April 19, 2000 “about affirming regulation of justice training center of  Georgia”

According to Georgia justice ministry order N 56 of January 28, 2015 is affirmed “the regulation of public legal entity-Georgia justice training center”. At present this is a legal document which regulates the activity of the training center.