Request public information electronically

The service enables citizens to request public information from home or office, as well as to send electronically any letter, request and / or complaint to various public organizations and  to receive a response electronically. This service can be used from citizen’s portal MY.GOV.GE.

A message notification on electronically made correspondence from the public organization about the receipt of answer is sent to the citizen by post and short text message, and he will be able to fully see the answer at citizen’s portal in the section "completed tasks". Customer will also have the opportunity to observe letters sent by him to public organizations at various times and received answers.

The service is applicable to those public organizations, which use electronic case management system (at present nearly 60 public organizations). At present the electronic case management system made by three organizations (LEPL in force in the field of the governance of Ministry of Justice "of the national agency of public register", the Internal Affairs and Finance ministries) operates in the public sector of Georgia. The exchange of documents between systems electronically is provided by integration infrastructure of information systems of operating LEPL "Data Exchange Agency" in the field of governance of Ministry of Justice.

The service is available only for those citizens who are registered in the public portal.

2 methods of registration operate at portal:

1. Registration with username and password, which can be obtained at any branch of the House of Justice;

2. Online, using the new ID card.